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Welcome to .NET Developers Community Singapore.

Hi there,

The .NET has been open sourced since November 2014. As community, we would like to share our expertise to others. This group is OPEN FOR ALL developers (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) or for anyone who wants to know or try .NET. Or if you are a passionate, a .NET enthusiast, or interested in developing software application using .NET open source ecosystem and its related technologies. You can meet many of .NET expert, masters, even Microsoft MVP's in this community.

If you happen to be a C#, VB.NET, WPF, Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile, ASP.NET, Web API, SignalR, Microsoft Roslyn C#, Microsoft Azure, server-side, etc. then this community is certainly for you and you s hould join in. Development using .NET is very exciting, easy and it's open source now.

We welcome to all developers for the new era of .NET related development and for non .NET developers as well.

Try .NET.

Your Friendly Organisers,
Riza, Chun Lin, Marvin, Priyanka

Latest Event

Midnight Joint Meetup with Bratislava .NET Developers

We are excited to share a great news with you. This year, we are happy to have Jakub Šturc, the community lead of .NET Brastislava Meetup, together with our popular speakers Rasťo Novotný and Marvin Heng to join us to be speakers to talk about interesting happening in .NET ecosystem.

This will be a meetup hosting on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/nwGFZA0h9k8 on 15th May, 11pm SGT midnight. We have to make it to be midnight because there is a timezone difference between Brastislava and Singapore.

In this meetup, Jakub Šturc will be sharing with us about one of the hot news recently, i.e. the C# Source Generators. Then, Rasťo Novotný will be talking about SignalR, a library for ASP.NET which allows server code to send asynchronous notifications to client-side.

Our third speaker Marvin Heng will give a topic "Intelligent Assistant with Microsoft Bot Framework". His sharing session is about developing a bot that allows the users to place their inquiry and get display to our app live. With combination of various technologies, we will be able to demonstrate how processes can be simplified.

Join us on this live stream to learn together.

This will be an online live stream tech sharing. So, simply go to the YouTube page of the event (https://youtu.be/nwGFZA0h9k8) on the day itself from anywhere that you can enjoy excellent Internet connection.

Latest News

28 February, 2019
Thanks to the support from our community members, our YouTube channel now has more than 100 subscribers and thus we unlock the feature on YouTube to have our own URL for our channel, i.e.

20 February, 2019
We have a page for our community now on LinkedIn. Please follow us and add it to your profile if you have contributed in our community earlier.


Special thanks to our generous sponsors.

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