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Prism and WPF

Prism for WPF License Announcement

Prism for WPF and it associated projects now use the Apache 2.0 license. The latest source code can be found on the following CodePlex sites: http://prism.codeplex.com Prism.Composition, Prism.Interactivity Prism.UnityExtensions Prism.MefExtensions http://pnpmvvm.codeplex.com Prism.Mvvm http://pnppubsub.codeplex.com Prism.PubSubEvents Prism.Mvvm and Prism.PubSubEvents are portable class libraries that now target Windows Phone 8.1. Prism.Mvvm targets: .NET framework 4.5 Windows 8 Windows...

Prism for Universal Apps available on Codeplex

Prism for Universal Apps is now available on CodePlex. Prism can now be used to develop apps for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, and Universal Apps that run on both. The AdventureWorks Shopper reference implementation now also runs on both the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. AdventureWorks Shopper uses Prism.StoreApps, Prism.Mvvm, and Prism.PubSubEvents. In...

Mike Taulty Prism for Windows Runtime Video

Mike Taulty gave a great walkthrough of how to create an application using Prism for Windows Runtime 8.1. Check it out.

Prism 5.0 for WPF and .NET 4.5 Just Released

We are pleased to announce that the Microsoft patterns & practices team just released the Prism Library for WPF and .NET 4.5. As I mentioned when we started the project. the major themes of the release are: Provide Portable Class Library version of Prism library (where reasonable) Address high priority items identified on the CodePlex...

Updated PDF for Prism for the Windows Runtime is now available

An updated PDF for Prism for the Windows Runtime is now available at https://aka.ms/prism-winrt-pdf. This is the version I promised in my Just released Prism for the Windows Runtime on Windows 8.1 blog post.

Azure App Service

Investigating Socket exception for ASP.NET applications in Azure App Service

In Azure App Service, the number of outbound connections are restrictive based on the size of the VM. Below are the machine wide TCP limits (as documented here.) Limit Name Description Small (A1) Medium (A2) Large (A3) Connections Number of connections across entire VM 1920 3968 8064 When an application initiates an outbound connection to...

Things You Should Know: Web Apps and Linux

Azure App Service on Linux and Web App for Containers allow you to run your Web App on Linux and Apache. Azure App Service on Linux provides a collection of Microsoft-provided runtime stacks that you can use for your Web App. Web App for Containers makes it possible to use your own Docker container in Azure Container...

ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core Application Restarts on Azure App Service.

Your ASP.NET \ASP.NET Core application on Azure App Service will restart for many of the same reasons that it would do on an on-premises IIS Server or VM hosted in the cloud. Here are some of the reasons that this will happen. The IIS worker process is recycled. The worker process terminated unexpectedly. The App...

Networking Related Commands for Azure App Services

The purpose of this blog is to give a general overview of the available commands to troubleshoot network connectivity issues with web apps, specifically when connecting the web apps to VNETs either in an App Service Environment (ASE) or a standard web app with a Point-to-Site VPN connection. These commands can be used via the...

Add Routes to an Azure Web App Integrated with a VNET

The default routes assigned to the Point-to-Site connection are inherited from the VNET’s routes. Additional routes may be needed to correctly route requests, bound for the VNET or on-premises, down the Point-to-Site tunnel. Below are three options to add routes the web app’s Point-to-Site configuration. The method of "Using the Azure Portal" is the recommended...

Bots and Cognitive Services

Using the Cognitive Recommendations API in Bots and Websites

Anyone that has ever shopped on Amazon or listened to music on Spotify will be familiar with the concept of recommendations where the user is offered recommendations of items based on browsing history, purchase history and other indicators of how the user has interacted with a product, artist etc. Recommendations often take one of these...

The Artificial Intelligence track at Future Decoded 2016

If you have been to or watched any event this year from Microsoft such as Build, Ignite or TechDays Online, you'll know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is core to Microsoft's overall vision for how we'll help every person and organisation on the planet achieve more. Microsoft's vision include is about three bold ambitions: Reinventing Productivity...

The many features of Cognitive Services – Part 1 – Vision

Microsoft Cognitive Services is a set of 21 REST APIs that enable developers of any platform or language to add machine learning smarts to their applications. Whilst there are 21 APIs, many of the APIs have several distinct functions within them. For example, the Computer Vision API facilitates the following capabilities: Analyse an image: Gives...

Smart image re-sizing with Azure Functions and Cognitive Services

A few days ago I blogged about Generating thumbnails with the Cognitive Services Computer Vision API. The article talked about how we can use the Computer Vision API to do smart image resizing in C# and JavaScript. Today I'm going to progress this idea with Azure Functions. We'll explore how to automatically create thumbnail images...


Announcing TypeScript 2.6 RC

TypeScript 2.6 RC is now available! To get started with the latest stable version of TypeScript, you can grab it through NuGet, or use the following command with npm: npm install -g typescript@rc Visual Studio 2015 users (who have Update 3) can install TypeScript 2.6 RC from here, and Visual Studio 2017 users using version... Read more

TypeScript Turns 5

This past weekend marked 5 full years since we released TypeScript publicly! Just half a decade ago, we announced our project with the ambitious goal of “getting JavaScript development to scale.” At the time, it was clear to us that JavaScript’s usage was growing, but with that, so were many of the pain points as... Read more

Announcing TypeScript 2.5

Today we’re happy to bring you TypeScript 2.5! If you’ve read our RC announcement, we’ve got a few new items that we’re proud to highlight! If you’re not familiar with TypeScript, it’s a typed superset of JavaScript. More simply put, it’s just JavaScript with optional static types. Static types can make it easier to maintain your... Read more

Announcing TypeScript 2.5 RC

Announcing TypeScript 2.5 RC Today we’re happy to announce our RC of TypeScript 2.5. To get started with the latest stable version of TypeScript, you can grab it through NuGet, or use the following command with npm: npm install -g typescript@rc Visual Studio 2015 users (who have Update 3) can install TypeScript 2.5 RC from here, and Visual... Read more

Announcing TypeScript 2.4

Today we’re excited to announce the release of TypeScript 2.4! If you haven’t yet heard of TypeScript, it’s a superset of JavaScript that brings static types and powerful tooling to JavaScript. These static types are entirely optional and get erased away – you can gradually introduce them to your existing JavaScript code, and get around... Read more


Latest release – 1.3.1

On November 15th we published our latest release - 1.3.1. It is a patch release with a number of bug fixes and improvements that have been merged into master since 1.3.0. There were two main reasons for 1.3.1. 343 Industries needed a release with a couple of improvements to streaming and the EventHub stream provider...