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Singapore .NET Developers Community

We invite all of .NET developers based in Singapore to join this community and learn .NET starting from beginners to advanced. Here, we share the knowledge on .NET or .NET-related ecosystem, eg. Microsoft Azure + .NET.

Rita Zhang and Bhargav Nookala on Building Blocks on Building Bots.
Free C# Training (Beginners) for Non .NET Developers.
Powershell Invoke-RestMethod vs IoT

Building Singapore .NET Development Ecosystem

In Singapore, the .NET ecosystem has not been as good as other countries. However, it does not mean there is no .NET developers or enterprises not using .NET. In fact, most of the enterprises in Singapore are using .NET for their development.

Hence, in this community, we would like to group .NET developers and those who wants to learn .NET together to contribute to the .NET ecosystem in Singapore.

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Tech Meetups

talk.cs | The .NET Optimization for Beginners Event is over.

2016-11-09 18:30 197 participants

Microsoft Auditorium (Singapore)
One Marina Boulevard, Level 21 Auditorium, Singapore 018989, Singapore

Hi all .NETters,

We're back! Let's have a meetup on November 9th.

Not all of us understand or even know how to leverage the tools to optimize .NET projects. In this talk.cs moment, we will be sharing on how you can optimize your .NET projects using the tools you already have or using external tools such as VS extensions. Make your life easier and don't invent the wheel or don't repeat mistake when you coding.

And yes, we will talk a bit about Git/GitHub as well.

Other than C# coding, let's talk, discuss and we will show on how to optimize .NET projects that connect to the Azure cloud as well. This can be very basic and can be very advanced. But still for beginners!


Rita Zhang from Microsoft Corp. (Redmond) will be visiting Singapore. She is one of the Microsoft Open Source Engineer and she wanted to share Microsoft Bot Framework in our community. You don't want to missed it. For those who don't know Rita, check out this Twitter link. Yes that is with Linus Tovalds (Founder and Father of Linux).

Riza Marhaban - .NET Optimization (code, logic and performance) for Beginners.

Paul Lorett B. Amazona - PowerShell | How I use it in my devices (Raspberry PI - Sense HAT and GrovePi), Arduino, NodeMcu.

Keith Tang - NTP (National Trade Platform) by Singapore Customs. A key feature of NTP is developer zone, where developers can build useful apps targeting Singapore and potentially global trading ecosystem, NTP is an open platform and will enable developers to monetize their apps.

And guess what, we have a surprise and ONLY ONE big FREE gift from our sponsor JetBrains. Seriously, you will love it. So, make sure you have register and join this meetup as soon as possible. Only in person can received the surprise gift on November 9th.

Please join and come! Many thanks for your support and see you on November 9th. Keep on coding... keep on optimizing...!


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