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Welcome to the .NET Developers Community in Singapore. We invite all of .NET developers to join this community. We organise meetups to share knowledge, code and our enthusiasm for programming in .NET ecosystem.

Building .NET Development Ecosystem Together

In Singapore, the .NET ecosystem has not been as good as other countries. However, it does not mean there is no .NET developers or enterprises not using .NET. In fact, most of the enterprises or event startups in Singapore are using .NET for their development. Hence, in this community, we would like to group .NET developers and those who wants to learn .NET together to contribute to the .NET ecosystem in Singapore.

.NET Apps on Google Cloud and Understanding Github with BigQuery with .NET

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2018-02-06 19:00
78 participants
22CF12, Level 22, Microsoft Singapore, Singapore 018989 - One Marina Boulevard, Singapore

• What we'll do
In this meetup, we are proud to have Developer Advocates from Google to join us to share with us the exciting possibilities that .NET developers can achieve with Google Clouds and other Google technologies such as BigQuery.


SESSION 1: .NET Apps on Google Cloud - Mete Atamel
With high performance Virtual Machines (VM) and networking, blazing fast VM provisioning and autoscaling and a rich set of services, Google Cloud is a great platform to deploy and run your traditional ASP.NET and new containerised ASP.NET Core applications. In this session, we will cover:
1. How to run traditional Windows and SQL Server based ASP.NET apps on Compute Engine.
2. How to run the new Linux based containerised ASP.NET Core apps App Engine and Kubernetes/Container Engine.
3. How to integrate with Google Cloud services such as Cloud Storage and use machine learning APIs such as Vision API and Speech API.
4. How to use Google Cloud PowerShell cmdlets and Visual Studio extension to manage your projects.

This is your opportunity to learn about what Google Cloud offers for your .NET apps!

SESSION 2: What can we learn from 1.1 billion GitHub events and 42 TB of code? - Felipe Hoffa
“Data gives us insights into how people build software, and the activities of open source communities on GitHub represent one of the richest datasets ever created of people working together at scale.” —GitHub Universe 2016

With Google BigQuery anyone can easily analyze the more than five years of GitHub metadata and 42+ terabytes of open source code. Felipe Hoffa explains how to leverage this data to understand the community and code related to any language or project. Relevant for open source creators, users, and choosers, this is data that you can leverage to make better choices.

Please join this meetup and and also invite your friends of friends to join this meetup. Many thanks for your support and help.

Your friendly co-organizer,
Chun Lin

• What to bring

• Important to know
Kindly remember to bring photo ID to get through NTUC Centre Building security at Level 1.

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