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Welcome to the .NET Developers Community in Singapore. We invite all of .NET developers to join this community. We organise meetups to share knowledge, code and our enthusiasm for programming in .NET ecosystem.

Building .NET Development Ecosystem Together

In Singapore, the .NET ecosystem has not been as good as other countries. However, it does not mean there is no .NET developers or enterprises not using .NET. In fact, most of the enterprises or event startups in Singapore are using .NET for their development. Hence, in this community, we would like to group .NET developers and those who wants to learn .NET together to contribute to the .NET ecosystem in Singapore.

F#, .NET Standard, and .NET Ecosystem

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2018-10-03 19:00
92 participants
22CF12, Level 22, Microsoft Singapore, Singapore 018989 - One Marina Boulevard, Singapore

In this meetup, we are proud to have two new speakers, HaiBin and Rastislav, joining us to talk about two new topics that we haven't not yet discussed, i.e. F# and .NET Standard.


SESSION 1: Introduction to Functional Programming - Chang HaiBin
F# is a functional-first language on the .NET. We will discuss basic concepts about the language design of F#, and how you can apply functional programming technique to your code (in C#). This talk is for beginners completely new to functional programming.

Bio: Chang HaiBin is a Financial Engineer working in Numerical Technologies, a risk management software company.

SESSION 2: .NET Ecosystem - Rastislav Novotný
Let’s talk about different .NET platforms, tools, libraries, and how they are connected. In this session I will answer following questions:

* What is .NET Standard and how is it different from Portable Class Library;
* What is difference between Common Language Infrastructure and Common Language Runtime;
* How to develop in .NET for multiple platforms;
* How to use all good things from .NET Core in full .NET Framework;
* How to take advantage of Microsoft SDK and new csproj format.

Bio: Rastislav is a software engineer for almost 20 years with focus on Microsoft technologies. He started with MS Visual Basic and SQL Server, and later switched to .NET, web and mobile development. Now he is focused on DevOps, VSTS and cloud services. He comes from Slovakia, moved to Manila and now to Singapore.

Finally, do join this meetup and and also invite your friends to join this meetup. Many thanks for your support and help.

Your friendly co-organizer,
Chun Lin



Kindly remember to bring your photo ID (NRIC, EP or Work Permit, Student Pass, Passport) to get through NTUC Centre Building security at Level 1.

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